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Monday, February 16, 2009

No infighting only appreciation on different views please

My top link today:

Infighting over Lin vs.US case - We forget whom we should have been fighting

My comments:

I agree with the above post. No matter what the outcome of the Lin. vs. USA case will be, I sincerely respect the contribution of Lin’s group to the overall promotion on Taiwan’s identity search, especially worth mentioning is the over 70 year-old volunteer in his group based in USA named Chen, Cheng-Kuang (陳辰光), who hosts a forum for Taiwan-related issue discussion. If Taiwan’s younger generation will work as hard as Mr. Chen, Taiwan will definitely have a brighter future.

And I think Lin’s US lawsuit (seeking civil rights under a temporary administration) should be treated as a separate issue from the “Who owns Taiwan’s sovereignty” issue. Indeed, Taiwanese people deserve to have some proper interim document and rights instead of the false ROC document. But the USA cannot be forced to declare sovereignty over Taiwan since it has never had any interests on the territory of Formosa. So the two issues should not be mixed together. Instead of asking the US court to admit that the temporary USMG is still in effect on Taiwan now, it is more proper for Taiwanese to ask the US to proclaim (out of its ethical responsibility) an end to the ROC agency administration that was deployed on behalf of the Allied Forces after WWII.

Update: The US administration has not disclosed Ma's US citizenship or permanent resident status, is this also part of the strategic ambiguity plan?

Other links of concern today:


“只按顏色、不問政績地清算本國外交界還不夠,馬政府竟把黑手伸到美國學界,清算台灣的支持者。美國知名智庫「傳統基金會」的資深研究員,在上述三封批評馬政府司法不公的聯名信上都簽名的譚慎格(John Tkacik),根據傅建中文章的資訊,就因為馬政府對基金會施壓,而被迫「退休」。”

My comments:

One of Tkacik’s research article on China’s military expansion worth our concern because the world will not see peace, and indeed Mr. Tkacik is no longer found under the list of the organization’s experts or staff anymore.

Further, if the speculation is right, we have got to thank Ma’s MOFA administration for sending pro-Taiwan diplomats to Greece. I don’t like to classify diplomats into color inclinations, as long as they are pro-Taiwan, they fit to be diplomats representing Taiwan. However, unfortunately have you ever found a pro-blue diplomat that is also pro-Taiwan yet?

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Wu Yu-sheng (吳育昇) yesterday said he planned to propose that the government cancel 228 Memorial Day as a holiday

Ma’s administration deletes the budget allocated to Taiwanese language,
The above link is not easy to understand for readers who are only English-speaking, and is being updated now with another link from the English-language Taipeitimes.  

My comments:

Before the election, Ma tried to speak to the crowd in broken Taiwanese. After the election, Ma wants to kill all sorts of spoken languages on Taiwan. Cultural genocide has revisited.

But do you know that :

ScienceDaily (Jan. 27, 2009) — New research into language evolution suggests most Pacific populations originated in Taiwan around 5,200 years ago.


Taiwan’s gift to the world
Jared M. Diamond

related discussion also found in Chinese language:

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