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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shigeru Oda's concept of "2 Chinas, 1 Taiwan" 小田滋的兩中一台論

The title on my Friday’s post is not seditious at all because this concept was already raised two year ago by a former judge of the International Court of Justice, Dr. Shigeru Oda.

After reading this
article (a must read, not just highly recommended) from the Libertytimes, I was surprised that many people including me didn’t know about this book by Shigeru Oda, a permanent judge of the International Court of Justice from 1976 to 2003, including his position as vice president from 1991 to 1994 (前海牙國際法院法官). Thanks to this op-ed from Mr. Tsao (曹長青), we have now heard the opinion from a retired international law authority on what the Taiwanese people could do to have their own country.


I will translate the above excerpt from the op-ed.

Dr. Shigeru Oda raised the concept of “two Chinas and one Taiwan”, that is, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) governs "mainland" (China), the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan moves to Kinmen / Matsu; and Taiwanese have their Taiwan. This way, the KMT returns to a part belonging to the de jure territory of ROC (my note: Kinmen / Matsu since Taiwan has never been part of the de jure territory of ROC). The ROC and the PRC can advocate their “One China with their own different interpretations”, or they can have their eventual unification, all up to them; but let the Taiwanese people have their own territory and country.

And I will just add one comment on a recently discussed construction proposal, that is, the KMT can also build a bridge to connect Kinmen to China as they wish, so long as they leave Formosa and Penhu to the Taiwanese people.

To achieve this goal, I believe the will and action of the Taiwanese people will have to be strong enough to force the move of the ROC administration to Kinmen / Matsu, and the US administration that brought the KMT to Formosa has to consider their ethical responsibility. So far the communiqués or policy statements have not mentioned about the Taiwanese people's rights to self-determination although there is a Taiwan Relations Act.

Taiwan’s future cannot be determined by any Chinese on either side of the strait, it can only be determined by Taiwanese on Taiwan.

Taiwan is presently ill because it is demon-possessed by the ROC, until the demon is yanked out of the body, it will not be healthy, and the internal conflicts will linger on...

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