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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taiwan still searching for transitional justice without help from international communities Part II

My grandfather at the time of the 228 Incident, was the principal of Ping-Tung Girl’s High School (屏東高等女學校 later called屏東女中), he too was caught without a reason.
The KMT soldiers occupied the school, pointed rifles at him and wanted him to open the school safe (was written in Japanese: 金庫), because they thought there were gold inside after seeing the character 金, but my grandfather knowing there were nothing but school’s records and documents inside the safe, he had explained to them about it, but the soldiers didn’t believe him. He was forced to open the safe, but upon seeing no gold inside, they got furious and took him to jail thinking my grandfather had hidden gold elsewhere. He had explained to the soldiers earlier that the school had no gold.

My grandfather was on death roll to be executed together with other influential people in the town.

Within a few days, my grandfather was luckily saved by a friend’s friend, a Fuzhou native 福州人 who knew some soldier in the group and had begged the leader of the soldiers to let him out stating that my grandfather was a very kind and noble man. The soldiers released my grandfather because they listened to the Fuzhou native, a Chinese, if it had been a Formosan begging them, my grandfather would not have been so lucky.

Nevertheless, the prosecution did not stop there, he was later accused of corruption, a crime he did not commit, and removed from his post (because he was Japanese-educated) so the KMT government could put another person whom they can control and implement their brain-washing education.

A sudden loss of job of her father had put my mother’s family with 9 siblings in economic crisis, fortunately my grandfather was also a trained musician and the family had survived through difficult times with him teaching private violin and piano lessons.

During the KMT's white terror, many families lost their loved ones, some were lucky to have survived but Formosans had experienced social and economic discrimination by the policies implemented by the KMT government. The policies were aimed at stripping off all the belonings of Formosans and putting them under the KMT party's account and title.

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