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Monday, April 27, 2009

A European view and a European-Taiwanese organization

A letter to Taipeitimes by Michael Danielsen, Chairman of Denmark’s Taiwan Corner No peace without Taiwanese is a good piece and their website’s Taiwanese history is a good teaching resource to all of us. 

I would like to stress that economic development and cooperation with China have always been supported by Taiwanese people, but not at the expense of losing one’s freedom.

The KMT government always interprets the surveys wrongly, or shall we say the KMT likes to twist the outcomes of surveys to fit its agenda.

I have mentioned on earlier post that

“If one day the Chinese government is formed by democratic elections, then there will be some space for developing regional co-operation.  Inter-governmental organization similar to the smaller-sized Nordic Council, or the larger-sized Council of the Baltic Sea States will probably be formed out of a need for regional cooperation, and without disrespect for the member states' territorial borders or cultural diversity.

Other recommended readings / background references:

Taipeitimes’ Constructing Asia’s missing links By Fidel Ramos Thursday, Apr 16, 2009, Page 8

My comments:

Of course arms build-up is no help for ease tension on the Taiwan Strait, instead of criticizing the defensive military purchase of Taiwan, why doesn’t Fidel Ramos convince the PRC to destroy those 1500+ Chinese missiles aimed at Taiwan?  If successful, there is always a chance to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Did the union of European countries send the democratic western European countries under the rule of the former Communist Eastern Block? or did the communist countries democratize first and gradually join into the European Union?  Let’s see which Chinese province will democratize first…

I suggest Fidel Ramos take a vacation and think logically, freedom cannot be bought by money!

Taipeitimes’ US appears fearful of Taiwan’s democracy By Lai I-chung 賴怡忠 Thursday, Apr 16, 2009, Page 8

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