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Friday, April 10, 2009

Links for concerned readers: New face of the country by 2011

The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan (RDEC) has news on the newly planned face of Taiwan’s ministries by 2011.  It’s called New face of the country by 2011 instead of the New face of the government ministries by 2011.  If you care about what Ma’s ROC administration is planning for the future government, take a look at it:

Link 1: New face of the country by 2011: RDEC

·         Source:研究發展處 (blogger translation: Division of Research & Development under the RDEC)

·         Date:2009/3/31

“The deputy minister pointed out that the reform calls for 13 ministries dedicated to individual policy planning and implementation, eight councils for cross-ministerial policy integration and coordination, four other ministerial level agencies for specific missions (such as the Central Bank and the National Palace Museum), and three independent commissions (for fair trade, national communications, and central election) at the ministerial level.

“Initial plans include merging the Council for Economic Planning and Development with the RDEC into a new National Development Council, and combining the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs into the Ministry of Foreign and Overseas Compatriot Affairs.

Take note of the above planned changes:

The National Communications Commission and the Central Election Commission, which are already pan-blue dominated, will be at the ministerial level under the Executive Yuan rather than the current non-partisan commissions.

The Central Bank and the National Palace Museum will be agencies at the ministerial level for specific missions?  What are the other two agencies at the ministerial level for specific missions?  And what are the specific missions?  

Link2: 搞統一?研考會:赴中國不算出 (news in Chinese)

(blogger’s translation of the above title: Playing unification game? RDEC said (to public servants) visiting PRC does not count as going abroad)

Link 3: Strange Sino-European Strategic Relationship: Wen Jia-bao’s Trip to Europe

Link 4: The Culture of Taiwan

President Ma Ying-jeou's symbolic gestures matter

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