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Friday, October 9, 2009

Another unfair ROC judgment and inappropriate budgets for international media attention

This judgment handed out on October 1st (a birthday gift to please China?) by the KMT-ROC court, and later found out by the defendant through Taiwan’s media (instead of Taiwan’s court) needs a lot of international attention because the ROC law (never approved by and forcefully imposed on the people of Taiwan) simply should not be the law of Taiwan. This 92 year-old scholar, Su Beng, should not have to pay the fine (why increase the illegal assets of the KMT-ROC?), nor spend his retirement in a ROC cell.

This recent budget allocated for the ROC president Ma’s annual health check-up has blown-up from 14,000 to 500,000 while Taiwan’s public health system is in debt. Does Ma want to do a cosmetic surgery? Wait, what is Ma going to do with yet another additional budget?

While the Taiwanese Hoklo language project had been cut, there was plenty of money for the Confucius temple in Taipei, which had just spent 46,380,000 on renovation last year, but that’s not enough, the central government is going to pour in yet another 981,455,115 NTD, plus the Taipei government another 600,000,000 NTD!

Didn’t Michael Turton mention about Ma’s symbolic gestures matter before?

And this is the video of the Taipei city councilors questioning about the above mentioned budget, 馬政府從中央到地方要花費9 81455115元來重造孔廟百年新生,其中中央政府分三年給3億元,北市府提撥6 億餘元, 孔廟去年才剛花完4638萬元納稅人錢整建一年多完,健保費不依法還.

By the way, the Taipei City Government has owed the Bureau of National Health Insurance accumulative 34.7 billion NTD because when Ma was the mayor of Taipei he launched the boycott.

That’s not all, an up-to-date case of the indistinguishable KMT-ROC coffers!

It is so obvious which party in Taiwan is using-up the taxpayers money for things they don’t want and for its private business, and uses the illegitimate ROC justice (injustice!) system to collect more income through arbitrary fines.

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