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Friday, October 2, 2009

TAIWAN is NOT FREE CHINA’s, it belongs to the people of Taiwan

I just discovered the suggestion below and it made me wonder if some pan-blue organization or the KMT party has been making substantial amount of donations to the Heritage Foundation.

Some people suggested to light the Empire State Building blue and red in honor of the "free" China, which would be a double insult within 10 days to the people of Taiwan, who suffered the 228 Massacre by the KMT (free? China) troops, a defeated Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT aka Killed Many Taiwanese Party) who fled to Taiwan and is now preparing to surrender to the CCP China - taking Taiwanese people along as hostages.

The people of Taiwan do not want the Empire State Building to light up any color for them, they simply want their rights to build a normal nation to be respected.

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