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Sunday, January 3, 2010

China is a rich poor country

Rich enough to lend everywhere in the world yet still poor to need foreign aids, how controversial?!

China’s state-owned banks diversifying lending beyond US Treasury Bills as the Washington Post reported.

My question: If China’s state-owned banks have money to lend globally, does China still need any international aids?

The Guardian reported: iPhone apps about Dalai Lama blocked in China.

My comment: Is self-censoring going to extend its boundary beyond China in future?  I’m afraid it has started from its neighbor, Taiwan’s MAC office.

Earthworm census may provide clues to the relationship between climate change and drainage in soil per the EPSO article.

"There are three different groups of earthworms; those that stay near the top of the soil, those that burrow horizontally and those that burrow vertically," said Dr. Neilson. "The paths of the horizontal and vertical earthworms cross; creating important natural drainage channels in the soil. If there is a reduction in the earthworm population there would be less natural drainage and that combined with increased rainfall caused by climate change could result in more flooding."


Anonymous said...

This blog is certainly helps to increase outsiders' awareness of Taiwan. Another step could be to make suggestions as to how the outside world could help Taiwan to maintain its position as a sovereign country.
It isn't only about criticizing Beijing, but also about everyday politics and business.

When looking at the "improved economic ties" with China under the Ma/Wu government, I have the impression that your government's choices are quite limited, because Taiwan's exports to China - and to ASEAN (which wouldn't enter free trade agreements with Taiwan without Beijing's consent) - would be put at disadvantage without ECFA (or some other agreement with China).

What should countries that are willing to resist Beijing's blackmail do to improve Taiwan's economic competitiveness, for example? If you want the world to be of help, I think you and other bloggers from Taiwan on your blogroll should make tangible and feasible suggestions.

Happy new year!

Άλισον said...

Thanks and Happy new year too!

I have lived in 3 continents, and my experience allows me to see the differences and the pros and cons of political and economic systems.

I do have some ideas, it needs a series of posts to present, I am trying to make an influence but I can only devote my time to this blog in a slow pace.

Basically, future global peace relies very much on how human beings can live peacefully and distribute natural and economic resources, a rich and big but non-transparent authoritarian China combined with the KMT simply are not healthy for the promotion of future world peace.

Taiwan independence does not challenge the existence of China, it never poses a threat to the territory that is already controlled by the PRC, it only challenges the greed of China. Besides, the right to choose nationality is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

If Chinese citizens take every chance to stay abroad, and not returning to their country, it is an indication that the political system in China is not good, why then should China export its political system to Taiwan if it is not welcomed in its domestic turf?

I respect more the vision and the research findings of scientists, but unfortunately the world are ruled by politicians, ad they usually have only mouths but lacked vision, they only see money in front of them.

I hope there will be no conflicts and no more weapon race among nations, but that won't happen, so I am probably wasting my time.

Anonymous said...

I'm not thinking for a moment that you are wasting your time. I believe that awareness is an important first step. But to discuss and offer concrete steps that may help Taiwan to gain international leeway, economically and politically, should be the second step, here or on Taiwan Matters, for example.
Just my personal opinion, of course.

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