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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Detecting the erroneous maps of Taiwan and I wonder if there are Chinese spies inside the CIA

I hope not!

The CIA’s “educational” Taiwan maps still not good for educating the public

My previous post had prompted the CIA to remove its website’s Taiwan maps that were linked from that post. But, if there is no Chinese spy inside the CIA, why are these following maps (for educational purpose) still helping China to annex Taiwan? ( 2008 edition very current!)

There is a “Note 3” in the country China from this link and is the US’s attempt to kowtow to the PRC authority, it could have been left blank without any note there.

Note 3 says: With the establishment of diplomatic relations with China on January 1, 1979, the US Government recognized the People's Republic of China as the sole legal government of China and acknowledged the Chinese position that there is only one China and that Taiwan is part of China.

Thanks for ignoring Taiwanese human rights by stating only the “official” positions of the PRC and the ROC, and I hope the US’s executive branch’s stance of “acknowledging” means taking notes of (or paying attention to) China’s position and nothing more.

The de-facto independent Taiwan is listed under the independent states category but not blocked together with the other listed countries, it is by itself at the end of the list, and is also not listed under the category of Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty.

To me this means that US’s position on Taiwan is:

Taiwan is independent but not yet a normal nation, notice that it does not have a long form of name such as the Republic of Taiwan (and I hope Ma reads the implied message here of the US executive branch, i.e., ROC is a governing authority in Taiwan but it has no sovereignty of the territory that it occupies and governs, therefore the ROC officials cannot enter any agreement on behalf of the people it governs when it comes to the sovereignty issue and that’s why Ma is very keen on wanting to sign the economic pact without a national referendum),


Taiwan is also not a dependent state (territory such as a former colony, which hasn’t declared formal independence, of some other independent state, or an autonomous region within an independent state)

Differences in defining reduced tension

President Obama's Nominee, Dr. Kurt M. Campbell, to be Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, made a statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington, DC on June 10, 2009, regarding Taiwan the following is the excerpt from Campbell’s speech:

Finally, I support the long-standing U.S. commitment to the one-China policy based on the three Communiqués and the Taiwan Relations Act, which have served to preserve peace and stability across the Strait for the last three decades. We are committed to making available to Taiwan the defense articles and services required for a sufficient self-defense. We welcome recent initiatives from both sides of the Taiwan Strait that have increased interaction and dialogue, and reduced tensions.

For the US, the definition of eased tension is simply the reduced risk of military involvement in the Taiwan Strait. But for Taiwanese, the definition of reduced tension means that all the Chinese missiles pointing at Taiwan be removed so the citizens of Taiwan can live freely without any threat, a basic human right.

If these missiles are not destroyed, they can be pointing not only at Taiwan but also at any other countries. Taiwan will have no choice but to buy more weapons to counter the Chinese annexation threat in order to maintain the status quo.

The WHO’s Taiwan maps will never be corrected

As for the UN sub-organizations like the WHO, the Chinese spy is active and probably doing a great job penetrating and collecting other countries’ R&D work on medical and health-related projects exchanged with the WHO while supervising his boss and collecting a fat salary from the UN organization.

There is simply no use telling the WHO how wrong its website’s Taiwan maps or statistics are because there is no point arguing with a Chinese WHO director general whose real boss is in Beijing.

For resources on defense and weapon sales read:

Read Defense Review Round Up for the recent update from the View from Taiwan

1979 to 2004 US Arms Sales to Taiwan from the NTI

Getting Back to Normal: The U.S.-Taiwan Arms Sale Seven Months Later from the USC US-China Institute

Today’s other interesting links:

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Tim Maddog said...

Related to your points about the US' position on Taiwan, it's worth pointing out something to readers directly from the US' Taiwan-related legislation.

For example, note these key phrases which are repeated throughout the Taiwan Relations Act (台灣關係法):
- - -
[...] the governing authorities on Taiwan recognized by the United States as the Republic of China prior to January 1, 1979 [and] relations between the people of the United States and the people on Taiwan [...]
- - -

Now, if we could just count on them to follow their own policies...

Tim Maddog

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