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Monday, May 18, 2009

Collecting a list of maps that annexing Taiwan to China

Not only some media and magazines are annexing Taiwan to China.

Note: But did you notice that all the entries on the fast facts contradict their map because all these figures do not include Taiwan’s statistics.  For example, Taiwan’s GDP per capita as of January 2008 is 29,800 USD.  So why not just correct the map color to show the factual territory as is?

And not only UN and sub UN organizations are annexing Taiwan to China. (There is respect for the disputed borderlines based on India’s version, but not so for Taiwan!)

Note: Don’t expect much accurate and true statistics of China from the WHO when Margaret Chan, the WHO Director General, has a hidden boss in the WHO.

By placing Taiwan the same color as China while other neighboring countries have a different color, the US government agencies, like the CIA too is helping China!

Inconsistently, it is better presented on the COUNTRY LISTING at least Taiwan is not placed under China on the list, but is not classified as a country either (listed at the end together with the EU).

And it is best presented when there is all the factual description of Taiwan on the WORLD FACTBOOK.

Note: Why not correct the color of Taiwan to the same color as the other neighbors of China on the first map link?

Help me expand the list of wrong maps, so Taiwanese can expose them!

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