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Monday, May 18, 2009

China and EU summit in Prague

“Talk does not amount to a strategy – and, unless the EU's member states can co-ordinate their policies, China will divide them.

“In a few days, Chinese and European leaders will convene in Prague for another summit. Such meetings are key. Both sides need to co-ordinate their policies to effectively combat the global economic crisis and to tackle the many security and environmental challenges that loom across the world.

“The Commission will soon come up with a new project aimed at spurring experts and officials from the member states to strategise about how China affects our Europe's interests and how we should answer these challenges. Such discussions will not only explore new policy options; they will also add bottom-up legitimacy to a unified stance on China. The member states too should support such a two-level game, and have to pool their efforts to map China's growing impact and formulate common interests.

Read the Towards a more effective European China policy by Bernt Berger from the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, Axel Berkofsky from the University of Milan, Nicola Casarini from the European University Institute, Clara Garcia from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid,Jonathan Holslag from Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies, Andrew Small from the German Marshall Foundation, May-Britt U. Stumbaumfrom Harvard WCFIA and Jakub Zajączkowski from Warsaw University.

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