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Monday, May 18, 2009

More about the AP and my thoughts of a CFART

I applaud to the post entitled The Associated Press fails at history. Again by the Far Eastern Sweet Potato.

Besides, I just discovered that all the links to the AP’s news I referred to on my very first post had all been DISABLED as if the AP had never reported those news before.  I have updated the links after searched and found the links of the purchasers of the AP news, carrying the same stories I referred to.

This is making me look like a fool, me referring to news that didn’t exist?  So, I changed the label to my first post related to the Associated Press from AP to AP = a load of crap.  As I see it, the AP never forgets to include the phrase “China and Taiwan split amid civil war” (utterly misleading to readers who didn’t know the history of Taiwan) in every news about Taiwan.  Until they make improvements towards their mission of balanced reporting, sorry I will label AP as AP = a load of crap.

Taiwanese do not have media watch organizations like the Jewish people have, the CAMERA, or the Eye On The Post, just to name a few.  And you will find more organizations of this type upon checking the links of these two organizations.

Maybe the Taiwanese people (like our former vice president Ms. Lu, who is planning to launch an afternoon newspaper) should form a media watch organization instead, a CFART, 不是中國放屁”, 而是Committee for Accurate Reporting on Taiwan.

People who want to read political news with substance will likely choose the GP (Global Politician) instead of the AP.

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