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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Taiwan Image / Ecology Blogs

The Daily Bubble Tea is my favorite blog of the daily image of Taiwan, and his capture of this, in my opinion, is the best reminder to human race how we should live with one another (don’t know if the PRC bully agrees with this). Best wishes to Todd, who is a stranger to me but I enjoy reading his blog from faraway Greece, as he got married this weekend in Nantou, Taiwan. Todd likes to take close-up pictures of butterflies and that’s how his blog caught my attention, and I anticipate seeing more in his collection, along with another one.

Another site that gives quite educational links about nature in Taiwan is this government one.


Todd said...

Thanks for the kind wishes!

Άλισον said...

surprised to have received Todd's comment, delayed in publishing due to out of town.

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