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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Taiwan Ma's government calendar incident and the "FRUIT" of the direct links

I haven’t had time recently to post a few topics that I have engaged in but not yet finalized, in the meantime, these are some interesting links to read, all in English.

J. Michael Cole said in Taipeitimes, “Until Taiwanese wake up and take Ma and his henchmen to account, the KMT will continue to chip at the edges until one morning people will wake up to a country they no longer recognize.” 從台灣公家日曆印中國的節日說起,馬政府慢慢把台灣送給中國,直到有一天醒來,變成你不認識的國家。好好閱讀 Only fools wouldn’t see a developing pattern.

Taipeitimes reported “GRAVEL GRIPE: The chairman of the Taiwan Association of Gravel Importers said the government officials involved seem to be working for the Chinese, not for us” and “Since Jan. 1, Cheng said 15 of the association’s ships have stopped operating and that they had lost NT$73 million (US$2.3 million) in the last half a month.” 兩岸海線直通的惡果,現在嚐到了,砂石入口商大損失,只好走上街頭抗議。好好閱讀 Gravel shippers to stage protest.


Anonymous said...

I read J. Michael Cole's article. Could not agree more!
But the Green party seems fragmented to me so the response is not as loud as i expected to all these provocations that put in jeopardy the future of Taiwan as an independent country. The blue party seems more unified and with a much louder voice.
I feel people are having a difficult year and the issue of independence is not their first priority right now so there is not much outcry to the KMT's plan for unification.

Άλισον said...

Note on terminologies:

In order to avoid confusion, when people write the Green Party with the capital G, that would be the party called the Green Party, and when you meant the pan green, the lower case g should be used.

Many Taiwanese groups now believe that Taiwan has no "independent" problem (because implying Taiwan was with some nation now and needs to declare independence from it), but has the "building a new nation" problem (because a nation being recognized as Taiwan had not existed previously).

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