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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Two most interesting news being picked-up for reading by me today

Robin Winkler To Run for Diane Lee's Vacated Seat (

An American-born lawyer who gave up his U.S. passport and gained Taiwanese citizenship has become what he said is the first white to run for the island's parliament…

My comments:

Loving one's country means that one will do everything to protect the land environmentally or with other means of concern, not like the former legislator, Diane Lee, who was using her special status to benefit her own wallet until she could no longer hide it. While most post 1949 Chinese Civil War refugee immigrants to the island have treated Taiwan only as a springboard (or should we say like a tavern rather than a home) and have not even expressed any thankfulness or love to Taiwan, other newer immigrants like Robin Winkler has quickly demonstrated to the Chinese immigrants what a true immigrant is by fully engaging himself in public concerns of his newly adopted home. The White house has turned black, so maybe the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan will not be all yellow, who knows? Good luck to all the candidates.

Note: Taiwan is treated by most post-1949 Chinese immigrants like an old wild west tavern, where they can rest, dine, entertain and leave without paying anything since their attitude is like the out-laws that can do whatever they want with guns. All the laws created by the KMT agency to govern Taiwan are just like the guns of the old wild west.

Court to hear arguments on U.S. ownership of Taiwan under WWII peace treaty with Japan
February 4, 3:04 PM by Michael Richardson, Boston Progressive Examiner

Other related source:
Jerome F. Keating's writing on

My comments:

Taiwan's present situation is caused by prolonged delay of justice.

The island of Taiwan cannot stay as an “undetermined” issue forever. Whether the US is interested in declaring Taiwan as its overseas territory or not, one thing has to be determined, that is, when will the agent of the Allied Forces, the Chinese KMT authority that was ordered by the US General MacArthur to go to accept Japan's surrender of Formosa, cease its military governing authority?

Aside from the atrocities committed by the KMT agency during the 228 Incident of 1947, Taiwanese used to be sentenced to death or jail terms if they were communist-sympathizers, now the KMT agency has become more in line with the policy of pro-communist partnership. Human rights is the issue here, why should any Taiwanese be thrown in jail depending on the agency's policy then and now? Isn't it time to terminate the KMT agency with all the recorded violations of people's rights on the island?

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