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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Introducing Taiwan Study for International Students

Yes! Taiwan Study (not China Study!)

International (and of course local Taiwanese) students interested in the Taiwan Study may find this site informative.

Among other graduate institutes that focus on the study of Taiwan’s multicultural society, the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature (TCLL) at the National Taiwan Normal University is the first integrated research institution to offer three graduate programs: Taiwan’s cultures, Taiwan’s languages, and Taiwan’s literatures.

There are many Taiwanese native scholars in its faculty list, but I will introduce a member who is from Europe.

A Dutch national Asian specialist, Dr. Ann Heylen (An-kuan Ho 賀安娟), was first hired as an invited associate professor, and more recently appointed full-time Associate Professor from the academic year 2008-2009 onwards.

Among many of Dr. Heylen’s publications is the Tales of Dutch Formosa 臺灣荷蘭時期的故事

Taiwan’s Dutch connection could be traced back to the early 17th century.

In 1603, the Dutch fleet sailed toward the Pescadores of Taiwan Straits, and landed on the main island Penghu. This was the first time that Western European power (Blogger’s note: not talking about sailors) ever set foot on the land of Taiwan.

…292 years later...a Taiwan Democratic Republic was proclaimed on May 23, 1895 but very very short lived…

Are you curious about the rest of the Taiwan’s history? This is the most complete version I have seen so far, written by a Japanese scholar Ito and translated by Walter Chen. And thanks to the Danish Taiwan Corner that linked to it. There are 14 chapters, so you may want to study it thoroughly during your summer vacation and dig more or sponser the project.

Another announcement is the first issue of the monthly e-paper (on line magazine) of the TCLL was out (in Chinese) starting this month.


Hello Netherlands!

Welkom → Profiel

Het Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature aan de National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) is de eerste masteropleiding aan een Taiwanese universiteit met een combinerende vakspecialisatie in de cultuur, taalkunde en literatuur over en omtrent Taiwan. Dit instituut werd opgericht in 2002 in het kader van de toenmalige maatschappij-gerichte Taiwanisering.

De studierichting heeft tot doel de studenten een grondig inzicht te doen verwerven in de relaties tussen maatschappij en taal/media, en dit tegen de achtergrond die zowel concentreert op hedendaagse als historische culturele fenomenen. Het studiedomein van de master bestaat uit drie luiken: de culturele dimensie, het taalkundig aspect en de literaire benadering. Wij bieden een coherent programma dat het multidimensionele karakter ten volle aan bod laat komen. Het accent ligt op interdisciplinariteit, met een speciale klemtoon op inhoudelijke discussie rond taal, cultuur en literatuur op internationaal vlak.

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