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Monday, June 15, 2009

What’s the fear if Ma is clean?


Mistake on my part earlier, the proposed bill failed to be included into agenda: until 2009 04 18 it was 4 times, and until now, 2009 06 15, it is 11 times!

Because of some “concerns” from the Taiwan’s Presidential Office, the proposed amendment to the ROC’s Nationality Act couldn’t clear the Legislative Yuan.

The new amendment had been studied, drafted, and finalized by the Executive Yuan since early March, but the pan-blue dominated Legislative Yuan had refused to pass this amendment 11 times by refusing to enter it on the agenda for discussions at the Legislative Yuan’s 程委會 (procedural committee) level.

The amendment, which passed the legislature’s Home and Nations Committee on March 9 with support from lawmakers across party lines, states that people in public office must prove they have renounced their foreign permanent residency within six months of taking office. (Blogger’s note: 6 month that’s quite lenient!)

The 程委, judging from its name, is a procedural committee which governs the LY’s agenda of discussions by listing all the proposed bills in order of priority. So if there is a bill that is good for the Taiwanese people but bad for the KMT’s interests, this 程委committee simply has to keep delaying the proposed bill by not listing it under the agenda. This is the similar tactic used by the PRC to block Taiwan’s WHO membership application in the WHA meeting.

Excerpt from today’s news:

府方有意見 持綠卡禁任公職修法喊卡


Read the entire news in Chinese

四度被擋 國籍法直闖院會 藍營封

(記者施曉光/台北報導) 立法院上月初審通過且無須經朝野協商的「國籍法修正草案」,將擁有外國居留權者納入禁止擔任公職範圍,迄今藍營已四度在程委會阻撓該案排入院會二、三讀,民進黨團為凸顯問題,昨天院會提案要求變更議程,將本案增列為院會討論事項第一案,經兩度表決,被藍營優勢人數給封殺

Read the entire archival news in Chinese


Read the archival news titled: KMT blocks amendment on officials’ nationality

from the Taipeitimes

and pay special attention to what Ma thinks at the end:

Ma has said his green card had been invalidated automatically in the mid-1980s when he used a US visa (Blogger’s note: on his ROC passport) rather than the green card to enter the US.

The validity of losing one’s permanent residence status by this kind of presumed “automatic invalidity” as explained by Ma has been denied by the AIT office and also by lawyers who practice the US IMMACT.

The source of chaos for Taiwan’s advancement and stability lies in its Legislative body!

And the unjustified dominant pan blue seats in Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan came from these 2 major faults:

the non-confiscation of the KMT’s stolen assets from the nation by the court on behalf of the people, and

the ill-formulated election regulations and the division of electoral districts

Both issues need to be addressed if Taiwan’s democracy were to survive, but the KMT party shows no interests on either, and not only that, the KMT (the Killed Many Taiwanese party, borrowed from the imagination of Tim Maddog on his comments on this post) is speeding up on passing all kinds of other amendments of laws that will endanger Taiwan’s achievement on its democratic reforms over the past 20 years.

Our question to Ma:

Mr. (or President? depending on his audience) Ma, you are a Harvard educated “Lawyer? not! (Blogger’s note: major media likes to use the term lawyer, but Ma has not passed any bar exam in the US or Taiwan)”, you should know how to search for info, just click here and comply, what’s to hide from the people of Taiwan?

馬傭求 下台 ! (Ma down!)

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