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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ma: We cannot ignore public opinions

Revised from yesterday’s post to include the relevant portion of the English on-line version of Ma's interview plus added a few after thoughts

: "我們不能忽視民意。 其實民主政治不也就是這樣?"

Ma: "We cannot ignore public opinions. As a matter of fact, isn’t that what democracy is all about?" (my translation)

Ma: "After winning election, public office holders must not be corrupt; they must not ignore the public will. Isn't that what democracy is all about?" (taken from the Common Wealth Magazine English version of the interview, available on-line now)

The above is what Ma remarked in his recent interview with the Common Wealth Magazine (天下雜誌) and I will borrow it as the title of this post to remind Ma of his words.



Ma also said:

"My proposal of “no unification, no independence, and no use of force” is supported by 80% of the people; however, no unification does not mean to rule out the option of unification, rather it means that within my 8-year term in the office, I will not discuss the unification issue." (my translation)

"My platform of no unification, no independence, and no military confrontation is supported by 80 percent of the public. No unification does not mean that we rule out the option of unification, but that we will not discuss unification within my eight years in office. Since it will be impossible to find an answer within these eight years, it does not make much sense to discuss this matter at all." (taken from the Common Wealth Magazine English version of the interview, available on-line now)

Ma must have dreamed about his current term being for duration of 8 years, or he assumes that he will be the unchallenged winner of the election in 2012, or is he going to ask the pan-blue dominated Legislative Yuan to amend the law so he can stay until May, 2016?

Άλισον 加阿九一句因為他不便說出: 但在我任內一切都要準備好...

Άλισον will add a sentence for Ma since it is not convenient for him to disclose: but I will get everything ready to pave the way...

I don't talk about it, but I act.


In Ma’s current term, his policy is to push for allowing the Chinese to buy Taiwanese media with no limitations, allowing the Chinese police forces to cooperate with the Taiwanese police and to gain access to our data bases, signing the Economic cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) without public discussion, allowing the Chinese firms to bid on public construction projects, and allowing the Chinese investment in the real estate market, allowing Chinese students to study in Taiwanese universities, and recognizing the Chinese academic credentials / diplomas, etc.

In other words, by the time Ma finishes his current term, there will be no other options left for the next president (whoever he is) but to accept the reality.

What options are left for the people of Taiwan after Ma’s current term? Obviously, nothing!

Irresponsible, cunning are the true characters of Ma

I think the reason behind Ma’s not wanting to discuss the issue of unification but actively pursue it so it will become an irreversible reality is because he said that he is responsible for every operation in the government, being the chief of the executive branch, and soon will also be the chairman of the KMT party, plus the KMT party occupies the unprecedented 3/4 of the seats in the Legislative Yuan. Since he does not want to be responsible, he will just carry out his plan secretly, but openly he will pretend that it is up to the people to decide the future status of Taiwan, and when the next president takes over, whoever this poor guy is will be blamed.

That’s why the people of Taiwan need to push very hard within Ma’s current term for the referendums on the current Referendum Law and the ECFA, and to push for the national asset recovery, and the election reform.

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Reference of this post:

English edition published by the Common Wealth Magazine is the hi-light of the Chinese edition:

I Will Be a Rift Mender

Chinese edition full text: and page 7 of the above link has this phrase about "我們不能忽視民意。其實民主政治不也就是這樣?"

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