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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some interesting links to share

What’s up these days in Taiwan’s SFB under the Executive Yuan?

According to a report from Taiwan's Securities and Futures Bureau (or行政院金管會 the Financial Supervisory Commission is reviewing an application submitted by Polaris International Securities Investment Trust Company to start a feeder fund for the CSI 300 ETF (or listed in Hong-Kong.

Such a fund, if approved, would represent the first opportunity for Taiwanese investors to buy ETFs linked to Chinese equities. The CSI 300 is a market capitalization-weighted index that tracks the performance of equities traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges. Polaris will likely also apply to list its Taiwan 50 Index ETF in Hong Kong, furthering cross-investment that may lead to warming relations.

Read the Michael Johnson’s Article (this analyst files 3 to 6 articles a day, amazing!) on 2009 06 18 about

China, Taiwan: Can ETFs Further International Harmony?

My comments:

Business without borders? I don’t think so, unless the world is weapon free and no threat between nations. All the nations will stay the way they are now with borders, but because there is no weapon, no threat, and no conflict, they live together peacefully as if there were no borders.

But wait a minute, business without borders the other way around…continuing with the current trend, businessmen see the money and opportunities but not the hidden threat, the world in future may become no borders (only one country left, therefore no borders), but with only 2 groups of people, the very rich people with lots of weapons (Chinese and naturalized Chinese or its collaborators) and the very poor (the rest refusing to be naturalized) with nothing.

related information:

Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission

In order to promote an integrated financial supervision, the Financial Supervisory Commission was established on July 1, 2004. The primary objectives of the Commission are to consolidate the supervision of banking, securities and insurance sectors, and to act as a single regulator for all of these industries.

Independent Authority at Cabinet Level

The FSC is an independent authority at the cabinet level. Its Chairperson and commissioners are nominated by the premier and appointed by the President. All the commissioners have expertise and experience in different areas of the financial industry, and serve fixed tenure of 4 years. In addition, commissioners belonging to the same political party cannot exceed 1/3 of the total number of commissioners and are not allowed to participate (my correction, in?) any political activities within their tenures.

Editorial of 1 year ago…but worth reviewing

But if we were to go back to the beginning and try to remember why Taiwanese accidentally put him in power in 2000, and then with a majority in 2004, we would see that he stuck to his bigger-picture mandate, often going it alone, perhaps quixotically, against a legislative and geopolitical environment that was stacked against him.

EDITORIAL: Goodbye, President Chen

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Hello Taipeitimes, news of 2009 archived wrongly as 2008?!

INTERVIEW: Ma administration doesn’t understand ‘government’

NEW BOSS, NEW RULES: A former Taiwan Foundation for Democracy member said the KMT didn’t respect decisions that were made under the former DPP government
By Chiu Yen-ling
Sunday, Jun 21, 2009, Page 3

Michael Hsiao (蕭新煌), who recently resigned from his position as a member of the supervisory board of the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD), said in an interview last Monday that since the inauguration of President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), the government has displayed a skewed understanding of the word “government.”

“It seems that only the Chinese Nationalist Party [KMT] government qualifies as a government, while the Democratic Progressive Party [DPP] government was not a government,” he said.

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