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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Don’t vote the KMT in today’s county election: a Greek’s perspective

A while ago, Harry Adamopoulos wrote to Johnny Neihu of the Taipei Times:

I would hope that some Taiwanese could see the perspective of us dabizi (大鼻子)!

The only way I can help, Johnny, is by reminding voters to punish the KMT in the year-end elections.

He also reminded the Ma administration in an earlier mail that:

Taking down your national flag when foreigners (note: he meant Chinese officials!) are in town is so degrading. This nonsense has got to stop.

Additionally, Yuan Hongbing, a Chinese law professor now in exile, told us how China planned to annex Taiwan, through a book he wrote, Taiwan Disaster, released on Nov. 17 in Taipei.

In a press conference on November 25th, Yuan revealed a summary of his book on the steps of Beijing's strategies to control Taiwan by 2012, and among them is this:

Erode political platforms from within: Another key strategy of the regime is to erode Taiwan’s politico-economic factions from within. To accomplish this, the regime will focus on corrupting the Kuomintang (KMT) leaders and marginalizing the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP.)

In order to further strengthen democracy in Taiwan, I urge the voters in Taiwan neither to vote for the KMT candidates nor for the candidates failing the KMT nominations and are running as independents.

Have you ever seen a party registered in an enemy country participating in the elections of the country in question? Yes, there is only one in the world! Only in Taiwan will you find a Chinese Nationalist Party (aka as the KMT) candidate participating in a Taiwan’s election. Not even between friendly nations will you find a Canadian Liberal party candidate participating in an US election!

The Chinese Nationalist Party is a Chinese party that should not participate in Taiwan’s elections if Taiwan were a normal country.

Since the KMT will not disappear from Taiwan’s elections, nor will the one who brought us the KMT to Taiwan do anything or say anything about the unfair financial advantages they have made the KMT become through decades of dictatorship and one-party rule, the only thing the Taiwan’s voters can do is to diminish the KMT’s local influence by not supporting its candidates each time there is election.

If you continue to vote for the KMT, there may be no more chances to vote in the near future because the administrators will simply be appointed from your enemy country.


Anonymous said...

As you know, people want to believe what is easy to believe so guess about their vote.
Beside (just one example), You know that since the tunnel was opened, many people from Taipei (re)located to I-Lan.
According the news, buses are departing today from Taipei to I-Lan every 5 mn to help the today election's turnover. And you know the color of Taipei...
Nothing is changing...
Anyway, let's see tonight the results...

Anonymous said...

Obviously I was too pessimistic about I-Lan :-)

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