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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Will Ma protect citizens abroad or only trample civil rights at home?

The Taipei Times from the above link:
What the Chinese students did was indirectly permitted by Ma.
And that’s why we should review Ma’s police policy a year ago and look forwards for a fresh new policy in the upcoming Taichung reunion of Chen Yunlin陳雲林 and Chiang Pin-kung江丙坤.

Watch this picture of an injured finger of a lady who struggled with the police while trying to uphold the ROC flag in her own country per this post.

Watch this video at 1:15 point, the PRC flag is allowed to be paraded with respect while this protester is taken into custody. This obviously demonstrated double standard by the police authority.

The measures employed by police to ensure the safety of China’s Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait Chairman Chen Yunlin (陳雲林) have drawn criticism from several lawyers and nongovernmental organizations that question whether the police were acting within the bounds of the law and the Constitution.

The efforts to protect China’s Chen Yunlin exceeded those of Chen Shui-bian’s inauguration in 2004 when 15 countries presidents were present.

During Chen Yunlin’s visit, the government had deployed 10,000 security officers, and according to Amnesty International USA branch’s public statement, 149 police officers and 200-300 individuals were injured; 18 were arrested. Many confrontations and injuries could have been avoided if the police let the citizens freely express their opinions.

Was there an apology from the Ma government for the police’s violence? Now a year later, who from the Ma government has come forward and apologized? And the answer is here and even worse laying charges to protesters demanding an apology.

Let’s see if the Martial Law comes back in real life but not in paper again this month for the KMT-CCP reunion in Taichung.

And it is time for the young generation Taiwanese regardless of when their parents or ancestors became settlers in this land to examine in-depth why it is so controversial to uphold the ROC “national” flag (a derivative of the KMT’s party flag). If they want to have continuous freedom and democracy for Taiwan, they should neither vote for the KMT nor uphold its symbol.

And for the parents who discouraged their children from participating in the Wild Strawberries student movement last year to re-think why inaction when facing government suppression is a problem for their children’s future survival. The KMT is learning from the CCP how to trample over its own citizens!

And if our own government doesn’t even care about safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty, why should the citizens of any other country respect Taiwan?

Let’s see if the Ma government will lodge a protest to protect its citizens abroad in this incident that happened in Korea, or this government exists just to harass its own citizens domestically.


唱片行播台灣之歌,警方闖入要求停播關門 (You Tube video: the police trespassed a private record shop, shut off the music, confronted the people there, and closed the shop in order for Chen Yunlin to not to hear the Taiwanese music)

台北戒嚴了?from 2008 11 03大話新聞 (Martial Law reappeared in Taipei? Da-huwa Talk Show of Nov. 3 2008)

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Άλισον said...

More video evidence of police’s violence against protesters / crowds on China's ARATS chief, Chen Yunlin’s visit to Taiwan on Nov. 3, 2008.

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